Welcome to this web site where you can discover our vision, mission, values, philosophy and programs. I would like to introduce you briefly here to our “TRT philosophy” and our “PFP strategy” in theological education.
At first let me point out two facts that raise a twofold challenge for African Christianity. Firstly, the relative oldness of missionary Christianity makes it lose somehow its vitality and impact. Secondly, the growing indigenous reaction through African independent initiatives often lack biblical foundations and demonstrate superficiality in faith. Then the twofold challenge of African Christianity in this 21st century is to resist to the unfruitful traditionalism and to overcome the fervent superficiality. Theological education has a significant role to play in meeting this double challenge. To contribute to that WABAST as a higher theological institution is led by what we call “TRT philosophy” and “PFP strategy”
To be relevant and meet the need of churches, theological institutions must emphasize a threefold objective for the training of their students: academic, ministerial (practical) and spiritual. Furthermore, these three objectives should be held in an integrated way. We think that community life is necessary for this integration. We picture then theological education as a tree with three roots that maintain it in equilibrium and feed it through their driving in the ground. We present that as the “Three Roots Tree philosophy». The three roots are the three objectives: academia, practicum and spirituality, and the ground is the community.

The delivery of our theological education must take in account the rapid change in our society and the specific cultural realities in Africa without compromising the gospel. To achieve this we firstly stress on a profound understanding of biblical truths. Secondly we are flexible in the mode of delivery in order to reach as many people as we can. And thirdly we want to be relevant to our particular context in order to allow our graduates to effectively meet the needs of their churches and communities. This is what we call “PFP strategy” in designing and implementing our training curricula.

Please join us in this work according to the capacity God grant you with, to strengthen churches in Africa for God’s mission.

Glory be to God