The institution was created in 1971 by Southern Baptist Mission under the label Pastoral Baptist School. The first vision was to train pastors for Baptist churches in Togo. This vision evolved from national stage to international stage since 1977 when the name changed to West African Baptist School of Theological (WABST).The mission was then to train pastors and leaders for Baptist churches throughout West Africa. In 1999 the Baptist Mission withdrew and West African Baptist churches took over. The responsibility then fell upon them to fund run and develop. The first Board of Directors formed by the Africans decided to raise the level of training by setting up two programs: “Baccalauréat” and “Licence en Théologie” (Bth), each lasting three years. The school was also opened to all evangelical denominations. These decisions aimed to addressing the challenge of the great need of quality training within the churches in Africa. Since 1999, about 130 people from 10 denominations and 11 countries have been (or is being) trained in both programs. Since 2008 we are working to diversify our training programs: Presently we have programs for Counseling, Holistic Child Development, and Mission. Added to that, most of our courses can be taken as day courses or evening courses. A semi-residential regime is available for the Bachelor of Theology program for people who are far and cannot move to settle in Lomé. These people will need to come to our campus twice a year for seven (07) weeks each term. Light Certificate programs is designed to training Christians for various works in the churches, such as leading worship service, preaching, tutoring and children ministry, etc. in order to meet the needs of churches. In 2014 we launched our totally distance learning program beginning with the Certificate of Basic Theological Knowledge (CBTK).